The maximum pressure rating of a metering pump is actually the top of the discharge pressure range the pump is guaranteed to pump against at a reasonably controllable flow rate. Flow Technology offers a wide range of hydraulically actuated Double diaphragm pumps.The design of the pump head ensures that the diaphragm cannot be damaged under critical conditions such as a blocked pipe or closed valves upstream or downstream of the pump.The freely defl ecting diaphragm makes the pump suitable for the metering of slurrieS. A dosing pump will deliver this precise flow rate of chemical or other product by a number of different methods but it generally involves drawing a measured amount into a chamber and then injecting this volume of chemical into the pipe or tank being dosed. The product that is being dosed, 2. The foot valve. For example, chemical metering pumps must be built with materials that exhibit the quality of extreme corrosion resistance. rubbers or stainless steel. A dosing pump is generally quite small and is powered by either a small electric motor or air actuator. PLUNGER PUMPS DOSING PUMP • Low investment costs • Simple design • Easy maintenance DIAPHRAGM PUMPS DOSING PUMP: A leak-proof pump is the right choice whenever product purity or sterility are imperative or when toxic liquids must be handled. They also love them because they send out a liquid cyclically on a consistent basis.Metering pumps are used for applications related to commercial vending, food and beverage processing, healthcare, irrigation, laboratory research, chemical engineering and processing, metalworking, milling, pharmaceuticals, plastic fabrication, petroleum and gas, water treatment, and more.Metering Pumps – Primary Fluid Systems Inc. Such a valve will only open if a minimum rated pressure differential across the valve is exceeded, something which most high-pressure metering pumps can easily exceed. شیرهای Back Pressure :از آنجا که پمپ های مترینگ باید دوز صحیحی از سیال را پمپاژ نمایند، در حالاتی که اختلاف فشار خط رانش و مکش کاهش از5/1 توشه باشد، به کار گیری از این شیر پیشنهاد می شود. To prevent this type of “vapor lock”, chromatography solvents are often degassed before pumping.Metering Pump SchematicIf the pressure at the outlet is lower than the pressure at the inlet and remains that way in spite of the pumping, then this pressure difference opens both check valves simultaneously and the liquid flows through the pump head uncontrollably from inlet to outlet. در اینجا بیشتر به تحلیل وب سایت دوزینگ پمپ های دیافراگمی.